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Nature: No Photoshop required.

1. Lenticular Clouds
2. Anvil Clouds
3. Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz Clouds
4. Fallstreak Hole
5. Mammatus Clouds
6. Polar Stratospheric Cloud
7. Roll Cloud
8. Undulatus Asperatus
9. Mammatus Clouds
10. Undulatus Asperatus

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I was too overwhelmed by how much work I have to do for tomorrow so instead I’ve decided to sit in a ball on the floor and listen to Patti Smith


I forgot what it feels like to have someone put me as their first choice.

I’ve never known what it’s like


studio ghibli concept art

Wednesday knows what’s up 

Wednesday knows what’s up 

I really wish The Dust was a real radio station

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